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Rat repellent Z 100 pieces

Rat repellent Z 100 pieces

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1 case (100 pieces)

◎ Mice don't like the needle tip of this product, and mice will disappear from the place where the product is scattered.
◎ It drives away rats without killing them.
◎ Just set it up near the rat's path or habitat. It is effective to use it on the ceiling or under the floor.
◎ You can prevent rodents from entering by wrapping it around the pipe.
◎ Economical because the effect lasts for a long time
◎Improve work efficiency for maintenance and reduce running costs.
◎ Prevents secondary damage from house dust mites parasitic on rats.

【how to use】
(1) Please install near the path and habitat of rats. It is especially effective when used above the ceiling or under the floor.
(2) Please use 5 pieces per square meter as a guide.
* Please follow the precautions on the product label and use it correctly.

[Precautions for use]
・Be sure to wear thick gloves to prevent injury when taking this product out of its bag or placing it in a designated location.
・Do not place in a place where children can touch it.
・Do not use for purposes other than controlling rats, etc.
・When not using this product, be sure to store it in its case.

It is also effective against small animals (weasels, raccoons, etc.) that have invaded buildings.

Accessories Leather gloves User guide 1 copy

1 sheet of notes
・Size: (approx.) 52mm x 36mm x 40mm

Needle: Stainless
Core: Resin

・Suggested use:
Stationary: 5 to 15 pieces per square meter
Winding: 8 to 20 per 1m

・Remarks: Utility model registration: No. 3088389

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