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Chew more brush 100 M size

Chew more brush 100 M size

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Chew more brush (anti-mouse product) M size

Winding equipment for pipes, poles, communication cables, etc.
M size 1 case (100 pieces)

Dimensions φ50×300L

● Rats are not accustomed to brushes. The effect lasts for a long time.
●A wide variety of types are available, and the appropriate product can be selected and used according to the construction situation.
●Environmentally friendly materials are used. Well received by the owner.
● Significant increase in stainless wire! Blocking effect further improved.
●It is resistant to sunlight, rain, water, heat, and chemicals.
●The color of the brush is less conspicuous, so it can be used in shops and offices.

【how to use】
・Wrap around pipes and poles.
・Double winding is effective when the habitat density is high.
・Push it into the rat's path or entrance hole.
・Since the drain holes in the factory's sewers and drains are rodent passages, mouse-proof brushes are placed.
・Placed in gaps between machines, instruments, devices, etc.
・Place it in the communication cable trough.
・Place it in the ventilation opening of the house or the drainage hole in the concrete floor.

* Please follow the precautions on the product label and use it correctly.

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