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E-Board (adhesive trap for catching rats)

E-Board (adhesive trap for catching rats)

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1 case (100 pieces)

●Because it is for professionals, mice can be caught well!
We use a high-performance special adhesive used by rat exterminators.
When a mouse passes over the adhesive sheet, it becomes entangled in the special adhesive and cannot move.

●Using tricks to eliminate escape routes for rats.
By reducing the width of the side of the adhesive sheet by half (6mm to 3mm), there is no escape route when the adhesive sheet is placed side by side.

●Rounded corners The corners are rounded so that the trash can will not break when thrown away.

●Easy to set up and collect Book type, so you can use it without getting your hands dirty.
Place the sticky side up like you open a book.
When collecting, please hold the edges and fold the book closed.
Let's reuse the adhesive sheet that was not caught.
For professional use, it is durable enough to withstand repeated use.

●It can be used even in the presence of water and oil.
Even in places where there is water or oil, such as restaurant kitchens, the backing paper does not absorb moisture, so it can be used repeatedly.

*If you lay newspaper together, it will absorb water and oil on the mouse's feet and increase the capture rate.

◆How to use

●Aim to place 3 or more pieces in one place at the entrance and exit of rats, bite marks, and places where feces and body hair are falling.

● Rats run along the sides and back of walls and furniture.
Arrange it according to the width of the place where you see it, the place where the cable is bitten, and the place where the droppings are.

●In order to catch rats efficiently, it is a trick to spread the adhesive sheet and install it where the rats walk.

●If you can't catch a mouse, re-examine where the mouse is active and change the installation location.

●When using in a kitchen or other place with a lot of water and oil, if you lay it out with newspaper, the newspaper will absorb the water and oil on the mouse's feet and catch them well.

[What should I do in such a case? ]

●Adhesive strength has decreased Adhesive strength may decrease due to adhesion of dust, etc.
The adhesive strength will be revived if you close and then open it so that the adhesive surfaces are stuck together.

●Mice are not caught Rats are highly cautious, so they are sometimes wary of adhesive sheets.
Please leave it as it is for three days after installation so that the rats can get used to it.
If you still can't catch it, change the location.

●The adhesive sheet stuck to my hands Our adhesive sheet is made for professional use, so it cannot be easily removed by just washing it.
Dust with flour and rub. The adhesive sticks to the flour and can be removed.

*Because it is a very strong adhesive, it still takes time to remove it.

◆ Dimensions and weight around one sheet Thickness (mm): 3
Dimensions (mm): 216 x 336
Mass (g): 136

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